DubLi Network Review

DubLi Dream Team – We make DubLi dreams a reality!

Welcome to the DubLi Dream Team!

My name is Stone Evans, and I’m a passionate DubLi Network Business Associate.

Stone Evans

I’m committed to building a highly successful DubLi Network team.

We call our team the DubLi Dream Team. We make DubLi dreams a reality! 🙂

Here’s what I offer to all our team members who join the DubLi Dream Team:

I have an internet marketing background, and have made millions of dollars online with different affiliate programs and business opportunities without speaking to anyone.

Now I’m raising my game, and my ambition to build a billion dollar team with DubLi.

I’m applying my internet and affiliate marketing experience to the DubLi Network opportunity, and providing a lot of leadership and support to ignite our team’s growth.

First of all, I’ve built a professional internet marketing system that is highly effective at referring new DubLi VIP customers, and DubLi Network Team Members.

This proven online marketing system for DubLi Network is the Plug-In Profit Site.

Plug-In Profit Site

Everyone who signs up for the free Plug-In Profit Site service will receive their own professional and fully customizable website built by me, free lifetime hosting for their website, along with step-by-step training and support to grow their online business.

The website and 400-day pre-written email marketing campaign I setup for members features DubLi Network as a top Reviewed & Recommended program, and it is very effective at enrolling members into the DubLi Network business opportunity.

Send visitors to the website I setup with methods outlined in my 30 Days to Success training guide, or ways you already know, and your DubLi Network business will grow.

What’s also on the sites I setup members are promotions for the Plug-In Profit Site service itself. Every Plug-In Profit Site member is given their own Plug-In Profit Site affiliate link so they can share my free website building service with other people.

For example, here’s a banner ad that makes it super easy to give away my free service:

Free Money Making Website

When a Plug-In Profit Site affiliate refers new members to my service, their referrals will be directed to join the DubLi customer program, and DubLi Network opportunity through them (along with any of the additional affiliate income streams they are participating in).

That’s why the Plug-In Profit Site system is a highly effective way to refer new members into the DubLi customer program, along with the DubLi Network business opportunity.

Think about it…

Everyone wants to have their own professional website, and the Plug-In Profit Site removes the technical and financial hurdles that people face in getting one, because I provide a totally FREE custom website building, and lifetime website hosting service.

And that’s just the beginning… When you refer a new member to the Plug-In Profit Site, they will be directed to join first as a free DubLi customer. Then, as soon as your team member is onboard and welcomed into our private member’s training area, I offer your referral a very strong incentive to upgrade to become a DubLi V.I.P. customer with YOU.

The strong incentive is that when your referral upgrades to become a DubLi V.I.P. customer, I give them 1 month of all Plug-In Profit Site Co-op services for only $1.00.

Plug-In Profit Site Co-op

The Plug-In Profit Site Co-op is normally $97, so this discount is very motivating to your referrals, and a lot of new Plug-In Profit Site members take advantage of this opportunity.

The fact is this is a loss leader for me. I pay a lot more to provide these services of the co-op to your new referrals than they are paying to become a member of the co-op (they only pay $1)… But this is an investment I’m willing to make over and over again because I understand the long-term value of building a highly successful DubLi Network team. 🙂

Here’s something important to realize about this… Your customer is getting a massive amount of real business-building value from their Plug-In Profit Site Co-op membership.

In fact, when your referral becomes a DubLi V.I.P. customer with YOU, they will receive all of these services for just $1:

– 30 minute private coaching session with me by phone or Skype chat.

Stone Evans

Guaranteed visitors from highly effective online and offline ad campaigns.

Proven & Effective Advertising

– 10 professionally ghostwritten articles to jump start content marketing.

Monthly Article Package

– My revolutionary new auto-blogging service fully automates blog marketing.

Auto-Blog Posting

Priority support to get any questions and support needs answered quickly.

Priority Support

– Plus, more free services and website add-ons to boost online profits fast.

Free Website Development Services

Everything that your new team member needs to get their business off the ground quickly and profitably will be provided to them through the Plug-In Profit Site, and Plug-In Profit Site Co-op for only $1 when they become a DubLi V.I.P. customer with YOU.

As you’ll learn, you earn $24.95/year for your V.I.P. customer, plus a 1 time $20 bonus. That’s $44.95 up front and $24.95 recurring every year for the life of your V.I.P. customer!

And there’s still much more…

As soon as your new team member sees all the value they have received from my services including their free website setup and installation, free lifetime website hosting, world-class training and support through my 30 Days to Success training guide and Plug-In Profit Site Co-op services, their confidence will be high, and they will be ready for the next step in the journey, which is to join DubLi Network as a Team Member.

It’s at exactly this moment that I offer your referrals 1 full year of Plug-In Profit Site Co-op services 100% free when they join DubLi Network as a Team Member directly with YOU.

Let’s do the math on this and discover why your Plug-In Profit Site referrals will be excited to join you in DubLi Network when they are presented with this very special offer.

1 year of Plug-In Profit Site Co-op services costs $97 per month, or $1,164 total.

This gives your referrals all of the effective business-building services here (including private 1-on-1 coaching with me every single month). A lot of people continually pay $97 for the co-op every month for years because of the very high value my services deliver.

But your Plug-In Profit Site referrals will receive all co-op services 100% free for an entire year when they join as a DubLi Network Team Member with YOU for only $495 + $99.

So your referral is getting $1,164 in REAL business building services – for only $594!

This is an irresistible offer for everyone who is truly serious about making money online, and this is exactly why my team (the DubLi Dream Team) is growing so quickly right now.

Many of your Plug-In Profit Site referrals will take advantage of this offer to join your DubLi Network team, and start receiving all my services and support FREE for 1 full year.

The process is working great! Simply give away my FREE webite building/FREE lifetime website hosting service (the Plug-In Profit Site), and your DubLi Network team grows.

The more websites you give away, the more money you will make from DubLi Network…

It’s that simple.

Anyone in DubLi Network can use the Plug-In Profit Site to grow their DubLi customer base and DubLi Network business through the system and services I’m providing here.

That said, in addition to the highly effective DubLi Network business building system described above, I take it a step further for active members of the DubLi Dream Team.

As a member of my direct team in DubLi Network (this means you were referred by me, or you were referred by anyone else in my DubLi Network organization), I provide additional support when you take the next step forward and become a Team Leader in DubLi Network simply by upgrading to the PPA (Partner Program Accelerator) level.

First, let me tell you why I go the extra mile for Partner Program Accelerator members…

My commitment is to become a DubLi Network Vice President in the next few months.

To achieve this rank advancement, I need to personally help 5 people on my team become Sales Directors. To become a Sales Director, you need to personally sponsor 3 Team Coordinators. Team Coordinators are people who sponsor 3 Team Leaders.

You become a Team Leader instantly when you upgrade to the Partner Program Accelerator level, so this moves everyone along in the DubLi Network ranks much faster.

Watch this video to see how DubLi Network rank advancement works:

Once you’ve watched the video above, this next part will make perfect sense…

My first goal when you join my team is to help you become a Team Coordinator within your first month. To do this, all we have to do is get 3 new Team Leaders to join you which is very easy with the support you’ll receive. From there, my commitment is to work with you and your referrals to get you to the Sales Director level as quickly as possible.

Also, once you achieve the Sales Director level, I also give you a 1-week stay in my private vacation getaway in the French Riviera. You can see it at French Riviera Rental.

French Riviera Rental

That’s just a little bonus, but I think you’ll enjoy it. The French Riviera is an amazing vacation destination, and my place is in the perfect location to get the most out of it.

Consider planning your trip during the Cannes Film Festival time period… It’s a real blast!

Or leave the worries of the world behind relaxing on the beaches of the Mediterranean…

That said, with the money you’ll be earning at the DubLi Network Sales Director level, you can travel anywhere you want anytime anyway (or buy your own vacation home). 😉

Speaking of that, if you’re motivated to keep growing once you become a Sales Director, DubLi Network will buy and build you a home in Grand Cayman once you reach the Senior Vice President level… This company really rewards it’s team builders! Take a look:

But let’s not put the cart before the horse…

Cart Before the Horse

To become a Senior Vice President, you first need to become a Sales Director. To become a Sales Director, you first need to become a Team Coordinator. To become a Team Coordinator, you first need to become a Team Leader. To become a Team Leader, the fastest way is simply to upgrade to the PPA (Partner Program Accelerator) level.

You can also refer 3 new Team Members to become a Team Leader, but that’s so much slower… It’s so much FASTER to login and upgrade your account to the PPA level now.

To become a Team Leader now, login to your DubLi Network account and go to:

My Office > Buy a Product Package and select Partner Program Accelerator

Then buy the Partner Program Accelerator package for $1,905. It comes with tons of goodies to help you grow your business too, and makes you a Team Leader instantly!

Ok, as soon as you’ve upgraded to the Partner Program Accelerator level, you’ll be a Team Leader. Now we need to get 3 more people to follow you along this course of action so you will become a Team Coordinator. After that, we will work together to develop 3 Team Coordinators in your organization so you will become a Sales Director.

In reality, a lot of what it takes to refer your first 3 Team Leaders is already being done for you. Remember the Plug-In Profit Site Co-op? Well, part of the services I’m providing is advertising your Plug-In Profit Site affiliate link for you to help you give away free websites! And you’ll be getting this effective advertising done for you FREE for a full year!

In fact, as a Team Member, you will receive 1 equal share of all visitors that come from all co-op advertising delivered to your Plug-In Profit Site affiliate link each day.

When people sign up through your link, they will be directed to join you in in DubLi and DubLi Network, and receive all the bonus support and services we’ve discussed above.

Therefore, every time someone sees one of our full page ads in a popular offline magazine as discussed in Day 4 of the 30 Days to Success training guide and visits our www.HomeBusiness.biz rotator URL, you will get an equal share of all those visitors.

For example, you’ll receive an equal share of all the visitors that come in every day from our full page advertisment in Home Business Advertiser magazine which looks like this:

Plug-In Profit Site Full Page Ad

As shown in Day 4, that’s just one of many effective ad campaigns the co-op is running.

These ad campaigns are highly effective and bring in new Plug-In Profit Site members daily. Naturally, it’s easy to give away free websites when you offer everything the Plug-In Profit Site does, along with providing new members with FREE lifetime website hosting!

That’s why building a DubLi Network business with Plug-In Profit Site works so well. 🙂

That said, I’m also providing a way that you can get more results from co-op advertising.

Since I started the Plug-In Profit Site Co-op, our advertising campaigns have been able to deliver 1,085,307 targeted visitors, and thousands of new Plug-In Profit Site signups.

If you were a participating member, you would get an equal share of all these visitors sent to sign up through your Plug-In Profit Site affiliate link, and team in DubLi Network!

But what if you could multiply the number of visitors you get from co-op advertising 5X, so instead of getting 1 visitor for every visitor other co-op members get, you start getting 5 visitors for every 1 visitor regular Plug-In Profit Site Co-op members are getting daily?

Now you can! In fact, I offer all Plug-In Profit Site Co-op members the opportunity to upgrade their account to get 5X the visitors from co-op advertising as an upgrade for $300/month. When you consider that just 1 new Plug-In Profit Site team member can add thousands of dollars to your annual residual income, you’ll understand the value.

Even though it’s worth it, I don’t want my team to pay $300 per month.

I would rather give you this service FREE so I can help you build your business faster as a member of the DubLi Dream Team.

But I can’t give all these visitors away to everyone…

That’s why as a member of the DubLi Dream Team, you can get 5X the visitors every day for the full LIFE of your co-op membership just for becoming a PPA Team Leader today!

That’s right…

You’ll receive 5X the visitors daily from all co-op advertising for the life of your co-op membership simply to do what you should do (if you really want to earn big with DubLi).

Also, speaking of the LIFE of your co-op membership…

As you know, you will receive 1 full year of all Plug-In Profit Site Co-op services FREE just for becoming a Team Member on the DubLi Dream Team!

That said, as soon as you upgrade your DubLi Network account to the Partner Program Accelerator level to become a Team Leader, not only will you get 5X the visitors from all co-op advertising, you will get 1 more year of all Plug-In Profit Site Co-op services FREE!

This gives you 2 years of all these business building services (including monthly 1-on-1 coaching with me) free for 2 full years, as a PPA Team Leader on DubLi Dream Team!!!

I’m sorry but if you haven’t already logged into your account and upgraded to become a DubLi Network PPA Team Leader now, you’re really missing the boat.

I tell people this all the time, and it’s the way I live my life:

“When opportunities come along that align with the vision you have for your life, you should AUTOMATICALLY say “Yes”! 🙂 Even if you don’t currently think you have the resources to take advantage of the opportunity at hand, saying “Yes” immediately will cause the internal changes necessary to attract and create the resources you need to take full advantage of that opportunity.” ~ Stone Evans

Watch this video to see how I say “Yes!” to life all the time:

Stone Evans
Stone Evans Signature
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy
– Developer of the Plug-In Profit Site

DubLi Network Review

Developed by Stone Evans