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Let’s begin at the beginning…

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My first experience with DubLi Network happened when I was contacted by my friend Jason Cardamone.

Jason is someone I’ve had connections with online for over 10 years through various online business opportunities we’ve participated in.

Last year, he interviewed me and recorded it at a conference we were both attending in what is now called Confessions of an Affiliate Millionaire.

So I like Jason… and I trust him.

Recently, he sent me an email with the subject line: “San Diego – Fly You In“…

That got my attention.

I’m actually living in France at the moment so going to San Diego wasn’t very interesting to me, but the idea that he would send that email was…

I replied…

Then he said:

I was in a private mastermind this past weekend with Matt Trainer (SEO guy) and a Billionaire owner of a publicly traded network marketing company.

The billionaire approved a $4.9Million budget for us to fly in all the biggest marketers this weekend.

This is life changing income. (8-9 figures)

The billionaire is approving contracts of monthly guaranteed draw, plus stock, based on what you can build in the next 6 months.

I know what you are capable of, and I’m positive you will get a 5 figure monthly draw and massive stock offer.

Can we fly you into San Diego this weekend?
(Some big marketers you know will be there… and we had several 7 figure annual earners this first weekend.)

I would love to chat… need to know by Tuesday late afternoon to book flights and hotel.

He got my interest…

But I didn’t want to fly to San Diego.

DubLi Network Review

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