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How to Buy Domain Names at Cost

This video shows you how I buy domain names at cost using Domain Cost Club:

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All domain name registrars buy domain names at cost and then add a markup to the price of the domain name when you buy it so they will earn a profit.

The example in this video shows you how the domain name I wanted to buy (GetCashBack.tips) would have cost me $25 if I bought it from GoDaddy. However, since I am a member of Domain Cost Club, I was able to purchase the domain name at cost for $13. This is a savings of $12.

Let’s also imagine that I’m going to renew the domain name each year for the next 10 years (most domain names I buy I plan to own for life) and that the pricing remains the same for renewals. With GoDaddy, I would need to pay $250 over a 10 year period, and with Domain Cost Club, I would need to pay $130 over the same 10 year period. This is a savings of $120 over 10 years.

Domain Cost Club can be compared to a cost savings club like Sam’s or Costco where you pay an annual membership in return for the ability to shop inside the store and buy consumer products for discounted price.

Domain Cost Club offers 2 membership levels – Annual ($99) or Lifetime ($499). You can learn more about Domain Cost Club in this video:

For someone like me who buys domain names regularly and has purchased hundreds of domain names during the course of my online career, a membership with Domain Cost Club makes good financial sense. If a service like this would have existed years ago when I first got started buying domain names, I would have saved thousands of dollars by now buying domain names at cost.

If you see yourself buying multiple domain names or buying domain names on a regular basis, it may be worth it for you to consider a membership at Domain Cost Club so you can buy your domain names at cost from now on and use the money you save for something else worthwhile.

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